• Descipline: Racing driver
  • Date of Birth: 18 March 2009
  • Place of Birth: Uppsala, Sweden

Alexia is, despite her tender age of 11, one of the most prominent young racing drivers in Sweden. She lives with her younger brother, mom and dad in Storvreta, although there has been a lot of travelling the country of the last few years. Alexia, or Lexi as she is called, started out in gokarts when she was just six years old. Having spent much of her younger years watching her dad Alx, former WSR champion and F1-test driver, racing in everything from single seaters, NASCAR and WRX to Monstertrucks, she had taken a fond interest in things that go vroom!

Lexi’s first gokart was a rundown old cheap second hand racer which she shared with her best friend. They took turns running up and down a runway not far from their house. This sparked a fire anyone would be hard pressed to put out.

While playing and having fun, driving was her biggest interest at the time. It soon became clear she was out to hunt lap times. This became extra evident when, after much nagging, she got her first actual race kart; a 60cc Cadetti. When she was 7 she made her racing debut and spent the season chasing down the boys… the right way. Most of them were behind her on the track, and that’s the way it has stayed. In 2019 this little powerhouse very nearly won the biggest series for 8-11 year olds, Formula Micro, in Sweden. In a field of 37 drivers, Lexi finished 2nd with 882 points. That’s only four points shy of the champion. And with 10 fastest laps out of the 13 races she did, a promising future is sure to lie ahead.

“I LOVE karting, but I actually love winning even more. Luckily there has been a lot of winning. I can't get enough of the high speeds and controlling slides.”

The 2020 season was heavily hit by Covid and was shortened substantially. Her debut season of Formula Mini (10-14yo), was only meant to be a learning experience for 2021. But after some stellar performances, Lexi was on track for another 2nd place in the championship. Unfortunately, she was run off the road in the very final bend on the last lap before the chequered flag and came 4th in the championship in the end. Ever the fighter, that only made her more motivated to take the championship win in 2021. Running for Italian manufacturer Tecno Kart, she has good equipment under her, and an almost too strong will to win. Above all else, this girl hates to lose. This year is going to be an interesting one!

Looking beyond 2021, she has already begun testing in OK Junior. A 30hp monster “big kart”. She claims it’s just because the insane speed (for an 11yo!) is fun, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she is out there racing it already in 2022. Although, she has her heart set on single seater racing. As luck would have it, Sweden does have a series where 13yo are allowed to take part on a dispensation…and we hear the application is already in the mail.

Fun fact: When picking her racing number for season 4, the family started discussing. Since her nickname is Lexi, with some imagination can be written “LXI” the number 61 was chosen. Why? Roman numerals. L is 50, X is 10, I is 1. That equals, you guessed it, 61! A number that has stuck ever since.